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Hidden Feelings Test
Engage in a test where you'll select images that resonate or contrast with your feelings. After a series of questions, AI reveals an artwork illuminating hidden emotions from your subconscious.
Beyond the Mirror
Using just a snapshot, step into an enchanting space where AI morphs your image into artistic masterpieces.

This experience invites introspection, prompting you to explore both your self-perception and the core essence that truly characterizes you.
Reflection Card
Ponder on what you'd like to explore, then select from three symbolic cards. An AI-revealed picture from your choice prompts introspection. Engage with this modern fortune-telling tool, stirring deep emotional responses.
Artful Journeys Inside FeelsArt.ai
What people say
  • Rose
    Love seeing my emotions via images. Helps me deepen my understanding of my inner world
  • Oleg
    I like the way this app helps me generate beautiful images to choose which one matches my current mood and feelings. And then I can share this image with my wife to help her empathize with me. And receive images from her as well ❤️

  • Basil
    At an airport border control, where I often feel anxious,
    I used the FeelsArt.ai app to address my rising nervousness. After selecting the 'Anxious' feeling and engaging with the generated images, my anxiety eased in less than a minute
Our Guided Wisdom:
  • Journey Within
    Delve into your emotions as our app reveals feelings that often stay hidden.
  • Soulful Projections
    Through visuals, we unlock subconscious mysteries, echoing back your thoughts and desires.
  • Express Freely
    Artfully pour out emotions; it's therapeutic, almost like a silent song of the heart.
  • AI — Your Gentle Guide
    More than analysis, it's heartfelt understanding, paving therapeutic paths to calm and clarity.
  • Pause & Reflect
    Moments with our app are pauses in time, letting you connect deeply with your feelings.
  • Emotional Chronicles
    Track feelings over time, with AI highlighting your unique emotional dance.
  • Seeing and Being Seen
    Visuals come alive, whispering, "You're seen, and you're not alone".
  • Artistic Healing
    Combining art therapy's magic with AI, we curate prompts that let emotions flow and heal.

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